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Spring overload systems are a simple, reliable system for improving your suspension. Pacific Spring provides Hellwig and Timbren brand spring overload systems, as well as Air Lift air ride overload systems. Spring overload systems come in several forms:

Spring Stabilizers help to alleviate "bottoming out", specifically when towing, and also provide you with increased stability, improved side-to-side control, as well as better body roll control. They can be applied to vehicles with leaf spring or coil spring suspensions.

Helper Springs are designed specifically to assist vehicles carrying heavy loads. They virtually eliminate sagging, and are adjustable in order to improve side-to-side control.

In many cases, spring overload systems can be installed without the need for any drilling, making it easy to quickly improve the quality of your suspension.

Overload Brands

Hellwig Hellwig specializes in helper springs for trucks, SUVs, and vans, as well as sway bars for cars, trucks, and RVs. They also offer front and rear RV helper springs, trailer springs, adjustable end-links, and a variety of related products. We can draw on Hellwig’s products to supplement and reinforce your suspension system.

Timbren Pacific Spring and Axle is a distributor for Timbren suspension enhancement systems, and, in particular, for their AEON hollow rubber spring line. AEON springs are designed to work with your existing spring system and improve the ride of your vehicle while also protecting the springs against overloading, road shocks, bottoming out, and sway and spring failure.

Air Lift Finally, Pacific Spring and Axle offers the Air Lift brand of air springs to help with towing, heavy loads, as well as a smoother ride and better handling. Visit our air ride and overload systems page for more information.

If you are interested in utilizing a spring overload system in your vehicle or fleet, contact us today.