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Your source for all of your lighting requirements...

Lighting can go a long way in helping others to recognize you on the road - especially at night. Pacific Spring and Axle offers a wide range of lighting choices to help you keep safe as you drive.

We feature lighting products from the likes of Yad, Star Warning Systems, and Peterson, which include the following varieties of lighting:

  • LED Lighting - This includes utility and license plate lighting, clearance and side marker lights, turn signals, stop, turn and tail lights, auxiliary lights, and strobing lights.
  • Incandescent Lighting - This inlcudes clearance and side marker lights, identification bar lights, turn signals, stop, turn and tail lights, trailer lights, back-up lights, and utility and license plate lights.
  • Specialty Lighting - Dome and interior lights, tractor and implement lights, towing and snow plow lights, fog, driving and offroad lights, and halogen accessory lights.
  • Emergency and Warning Lighting - Emergency lights, light bars, warning triangles and SMV signs, back-up alarms, directional light bars, parking parking kit and bearing protectors.

If you're interested in ordering lights, please contact us.